Mr Jake Heinrich

Mr Jake Heinrich

Mr Jake Heinrich, Head of School of English & University Pathways
School of English & University Pathways
Head of School of English & University Pathways
RMIT Saigon South
+84 28 3776 1300
BA. MEd (TESOL), Queensland University of Technology; MBA, RMIT
Mr Jake Heinrich

Mr Heinrich is responsible for leading School of English & University Pathways in its mission to provide language instruction for students on a higher education academic pathway. He joined RMIT Vietnam in 2016 from the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, where he led the transition of ABC International’s range of education products into digital commercial offerings in key overseas markets. He also led the development of digital English language learning content on Australia’s largest education social media platform.

Past experiences prior to joining RMIT Vietnam

Previously Mr Heinrich worked as an Executive Director for Kaplan Higher Education in Vietnam, establishing twinning and collaborative partners to deliver higher education products and pathways with local partners, and as Business Development Director at ILA Vietnam where he managed the overseas study centres and business school.

He has also lectured at the University of Queensland, delivering the International Diploma of Language Teaching Management in China, Vietnam and Australia.

Mr Heinrich’s teaching background is in English as a second language; he has taught in Australia, Japan, Taiwan, China, Mexico, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Currently Mr Heinrich’s interests are in technology in education and particularly in language teaching, where he leads a team of educators in developing and implementing digital content and digital pedagogy across English language learning programs.