Luong Ngoc , Bachelor of Information Technology

Luong Ngoc

School of Science & Technology

“I did my internship at East Agile, and that is who I work for now. I have already become a senior in my company within the first year.

I also work part-time (remotely) for Scopic Software- an IT outsourcing company.

RMIT prepared me for my internship interview through role-playing and feedback. The careers team gave me advice about my CV and held a networking event, and my lecturers gave me an overview of the IT industry.

My IT classes contained a lot of group-work, and this process is quite similar to the real working process, so I could quickly adapt when I started work at East Agile. I found all the RMIT staff to be super- friendly and they always helped me when I had questions. The IT lecturers always try their best to explain IT systems and concepts, and I found them helpful and approachable. Learning in English at RMIT has also helped me in my career, as I am confident when dealing with clients.

Working with professional staff at RMIT was really exciting. For example, we ran many events like orientation days, club days, and careers days - these events helped me to improve myself, and I have many happy memories from RMIT.”

Luong Ngoc

Bachelor of Information Technology,

Senior developer, East Agile.