Duong Thanh Nhan , Bachelor of Information Technology

Duong Thanh Nhan

School of Science & Technology

“It’s important not to fear IT – forget the stereotypes, work hard and you will succeed; it’s up to you.

People usually assume IT is for smart people and you have to be really good at math to deal with it. That’s not entirely true, especially in my case. When I started my IT studies at RMIT I thought I might struggle as I’m not good with numbers and didn’t have particularly high grades in math at school. But actually, all you need is common sense and determination to overcome difficulties. Never give up until you get the problem solved. As long as you don't quit, there is always a way.

I enjoy my studies, as each course teaches you a different aspect of IT, so you get a complete picture of the industry. I’m going to do my first internship in a small company so I can get a good overview of the business and practice different skills.

There are more opportunities to work with new technology and learn a variety of skills in a start-up, although of course start-ups come with risks too. But well, as they say, the bigger the challenge, the bigger the opportunity. We are still young, we have time and youth on our side to face challenges and explore new things - so why limit yourself in the safe zone!

Don’t limit yourself and start studying IT!"

Duong Thanh Nhan

Bachelor of Information Technology