Adrian Boyd

Adrian Boyd

RMIT Asia Graduate Centre

Whilst running a financial advice business back in Australia I was very keen to improve my educational qualifications to prove to potential and existing clients that their life savings were in safe hands, both from a customer satisfaction level and also from an academic perspective. I found out about RMIT University Vietnam where I could obtain the same Australian EMBA degree in half the time and at around half the price. Having my   Australian business pay for the degree and all living and accommodation expenses here in Vietnam made the decision simple.

This has been a truly remarkable experience, way beyond my expectations. The South Saigon campus is aesthetically beautiful and a fantastic learning environment. Not only have I learnt so much from the lecturers and staff but also from fellow students.Completing group assignments has taught me so much about achieving great results within a team environment both as a leader and as a participant.

The lifestyle in Vietnam for foreigners is incredible, riding a motor scooter to school, eating delicious meals on and off campus for $2, constantly warm weather, and the truly gracious Vietnamese people. There have been many highlights so far, but one that stands out was the international students induction day. RMIT buddies organised a full day of activities from cooking our own Vietnamese food, tours of Ho Chi Minh City and later eating a delicious dinner at a traditional Vietnamese restaurant.

The EMBA that I am currently study is a fantastic addition to my skillsets, and  has created far greater depth to my previous operating knowledge. I have been so impressed with the learning environment that I have begun a second Master’s degree, the  Master of International Business.