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RMIT Vietnam Newsroom

Global connections offer new opportunities for EMBA grad

News - 11 April, 2018

“I’m still learning every day, even after finishing my EMBA,” said Gigi Le from her home in Melbourne, where she now works with the largest facilities management firm in Australia and New Zealand.

RMIT Vietnam to explore regional resource management needs

News - 09 April, 2018

A research team from RMIT Vietnam is studying the training gap in Water and Natural Resources Management (WNRM) in Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand through a research package containing a surveying process and two-day workshop.

Securing information in the Cyber Age

Media release - 06 April, 2018

At the cyber security symposia Cyber Security: Who is master? hosted this week by RMIT Vietnam, international experts grappled with some of the most pressing cyber security issues in the world today, and examined how those threats can be overcome in...

Managing personal technologies in the workplace

News - 02 April, 2018

In the digital age it’s not uncommon for employees to bring their own personal electronic devices into the workplace. This practice, however, must be managed to ensure security of the organisation.

RMIT Vietnam boosts entrepreneurship education

News - 02 April, 2018

RMIT Vietnam has introduced the Graduate Certificate in Business Startups in an effort to improve Vietnam's entrepreneurial landscape.

Students and alumni team up on start-up projects

News - 05 March, 2018

Students in the Applied Entrepreneurship course supported RMIT Vietnam alumni last semester, pitching plans for the alumni to grow their start-up businesses.

Are consumers willing to go for eco-packaging?

News - 02 March, 2018

The negative environmental impact of packaging – and especially plastic packaging – is a major environmental concern in Vietnam, says RMIT Vietnam Lecturer Nguyen Anh Thu.

Q&A: Perspectives on Vietnam’s tourism industry

News - 28 February, 2018

Before joining RMIT Vietnam, Associate Professor Earney Lasten worked on the Caribbean island of Aruba, collaborating with the Aruban Ministry of Tourism on science and applied research projects. He is the Discipline Lead for RMIT Vietnam’s...

RMIT Vietnam makes assessment more authentic

News - 05 February, 2018

High-stress, invigilated exams are counter-productive to 21st century learning, according to RMIT Vietnam Vice President (Academic) Professor Beverley Webster.

Q&A: Vietnam’s economic outlook in 2018

News - 25 January, 2018

The new year has started with much optimism as Vietnam’s economy is forecasted to grow at a very respectable 6.5 per cent in 2018.