RMIT Vietnam Newsroom

RMIT Vietnam Newsroom

Adapting to blockchain and cybersecurity

News - 03 June, 2019

Besides impacting nearly every aspect of everyday life, new technologies are also changing and disrupting the financial industry and the way consumers and firms access financial services.

RMIT tourism program receives global accreditation

Media release - 20 May, 2019

RMIT University Vietnam has become the first university in Vietnam to attain formal accreditation for its Bachelor of Tourism & Hospitality Management program from the Institute of Hospitality (United Kingdom).

RMIT named ‘Most Winning University’ at Vietnam Young Lions 2019

Media release - 02 May, 2019

RMIT Vietnam has been named 'The Most Winning University' at the Vietnam Young Lions 2019, a prestigious annual creative competition held in Ho Chi Minh City recently, with three students being awarded gold, six students winning silver, and two...

Top tier MBA degree to be offered in Hanoi

Media release - 29 March, 2019

After receiving a Tier One ranking in the CEO Magazine 2018 Global Rankings, RMIT University’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program is now being offered to students in Hanoi.

MOU to enhance authentic learning in tourism and hospitality

Media release - 20 March, 2019

RMIT Vietnam and Q Industries Vietnam have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to boost collaboration between the two organisations.

RMIT doctoral scholarships offer research opportunities for women

Media release - 13 March, 2019

Two educators at well-known universities in Vietnam were each recently awarded the 2019 RMIT Vietnam doctoral scholarship for women. One recipient will examine transnational programs at higher education institutions in Vietnam, and the other on...

RMIT Vietnam and Hinrich Foundation partner to enhance education in global trade

Media release - 12 March, 2019

RMIT University Vietnam and the Hinrich Foundation recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to collaborate in developing new programs which meet the needs of the global community.

A well-rounded year for RMIT students

News - 07 March, 2019

Being an RMIT Vietnam student is about more than just attaining an international qualification. RMIT students are prepared for the world of work, generous towards the community, and adept at managing their own wellbeing and success. As they begin...

The second Trump-Kim Summit and what this means for Vietnam

News - 06 March, 2019

The world’s commentators have been speculating for months about the Trump-Kim Summit, from improving relationships and lifting sanctions, to dismantling nuclear facilities and ending missile testing. But what does the Summit mean for its host, Hanoi...

RMIT graduate joins SSEAYP to inspire others to give back

News - 18 February, 2019

After taking a gap year to give back to his community by co-founding a social initiative, RMIT Vietnam’s 2017 President’s Award recipient Mai Duc Hieu took to the seas to share his experiences with youth from all over Southeast Asia and Japan.