RMIT Vietnam NewsYoung author competition inspires RMIT writer

Young author competition inspires RMIT writer

Friday, February 26, 2016 - 16:36
Huynh Ngoc Sang (Third from left) answers to the judges at the final competition
Huynh Ngoc Sang  (from right)
Huynh Ngoc Sang

Fresh RMIT Vietnam graduate Huynh Ngoc Sang was a finalist in the Tiki Young Author writing contest which attracted more than 2,200 entries.

To show the competition judges his love of writing, Bachelor of Communications (Professional Communication) alumnus Sang submitted three short stories rather than just one.

The short stories include Bữa Sáng (Breakfast), Bữa Trưa (Lunch) and Bữa Tối (Dinner), commenting on the little things in life and reflecting social issues.

Recalling childhood memories, in Bữa Sáng Sang tells of a teenager boy remembering seven days of his mother preparing breakfast.

Bữa Trưa was inspired by Sang’s imagination of relationships and inhibited sexual desires; the journey of a young woman leaving her wealthy but unhappy life with her husband. The story questions whether the marriage is the final destination of love.

Three typical things of youth - love, dreams and loss - are featured in Bữa Tối. According to the author it is such an emotional love story lasting decades.

Sang wrote the three stories in six weeks after completing his fulltime internship as a copywriter at an advertising agency.

A friend urged him to submit his writing and Sang considered it a first step towards for him to begin his future novel writing career, having never previously joined writing contests. 

“I thought, why not try – if my dream is becoming a famous writer or novelist,” he said.

“In high school I dreamt of being a popular writer and being a competition finalist may help my writing career.”

Now working as an editor for a popular entertainment newspaper in Vietnam, Sang aims to complete his first novel by end of May, crediting his RMIT Vietnam studies with building his confidence, critical thinking and creativity. 

  • Vietnam’s Tiki Young Author Competition is hosted by the e-commerce website, and seeks a new generation of young authors, supporting their writing. The winner’s prize of 100m VND was won by HCMC accountant Nguyễn Bình Nguyên.

Story: Thuy Le