RMIT Vietnam News Up with the world’s best

Up with the world’s best

Friday, May 16, 2014 - 15:58
RMIT Vietnam accountancy student Tran Thien Hoang

RMIT Vietnam accountancy student Tran Thien Hoang was awarded one of the top twelve finalists out of over 1,700 business students worldwide in the Capsim Business Simulation Global Challenge, an online business competition for undergraduate and graduate university students.

The 48-hour final of the competition, which was held in late April 2014, saw Tran awarded sixth place after competing with 11 other individual and team finalists from Lebanon, Thailand, Hong Kong, the United States and India.

As the competition was based out of the United States, the time difference meant Tran had very early starts to meet the deadlines for the eight decision-making rounds as part of the final.

Tran competed in a real-world corporate challenge simulation where finalists were put in realistic decision-making roles for a multi-million dollar company, addressing issues in finance, marketing, product development, labour negotiations, and human resources.

Tran said the competition strengthened his work-ready skills including learning about the challenges companies can face, the relationships across different company departments as well as the importance of quality management.

"It also helped to improve my knowledge on financial matters companies face as well as the importance of understanding company strategy," Tran said.

"The most exciting part of the competition was finding out your results as you went along as it kept you on the edge of your seat, making it feel competitive and challenging as well as rewarding."

RMIT Vietnam President Professor Gael McDonald congratulated Tran on his achievement and acknowledged the significance of the RMIT Vietnam student making it to the top round from over 1,700 students worldwide.

Professor McDonald said high-performing students such as Tran demonstrated the opportunity through business competitions such as the Capsim Business Simulation Global Challenge to showcase to a global audience the skills and knowledge on offer with our graduates.

"Congratulations to Tran on his tremendous achievement as well as the great work and support by RMIT Vietnam's accountancy teaching team," Professor McDonald said.