RMIT Vietnam NewsWorld Bank advises students on skilling up for jobs

World Bank advises students on skilling up for jobs

Thursday, January 7, 2016 - 15:15
Students and staff from CoCM join the workshop.
World Bank Country Director Ms Victoria KwaKwa (on the left) listens to student's questions in Q&A session

World Bank Country Director Ms Victoria KwaKwa has told RMIT Vietnam students that Vietnamese workplaces need not only technical but also cognitive and behavioural skills.

Speaking to 40 business students on the topic of Skilling Up Vietnam, Ms KwaKwa said World Bank research shows economic modernisation in Vietnam is bringing new types of jobs into urban areas, which means the demand in skilled employees also increases.

“Employees need to be prepared with a skills set when entering the workplace,” she said.

According to Ms KwaKwa, “skills set” includes three types of skill: cognitive, behavioural and technical skills.

Cognitive skills come from the use of logical and creative thinking, memory and knowledge to solve problems, she said.

Behavioural skills are also known as soft skills, including communication skills, personality traits, decision making skill, flexibility and leadership.

And finally, Ms KwaKwa said technical skills are knowledge and ability in a particular field - core skills students gain from their study at university.

“Students need core skills to get ready for their careers but the other two skills can help students get a great job.

“People now only focus on technical skills but demand for critical thinking and problem solving skills is increasing. Students need much more than technical skills,” Ms KwaKwa said.

World Bank research was also conducted with employers from many companies asking them to rate the most importance of job-related skills for new white-collar employees.

Story: An Tran