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A winning website

Friday, May 29, 2015 - 17:26
Mai Ly (second from right) at the final round of Kawai business start up competition

An RMIT Vietnam student has helped develop an award-winning career website for new graduates.

Nguyen Mai Ly, a RMIT Bachelor of Commerce student, is part of a team helping graduates access useful career resources and tools online, through her work on website YBOX.

YBOX provides information on scholarships, internship opportunities, CV writing tips and entrepreneurial tools for young people.

Ly has been involved in the project since 2013, with a team of 6 growing to 60 from across other universities in Vietnam.

The website, which stands for Information Box for Youth, was recently awarded first place in the Kawai Business Start-Up competition.

Open to teams from any university in Vietnam, the annual competition aims to help kick-start business ideas from young talent and is organised by Vietnam Foreign Trade University with sponsorship from the Kawai scholarship fund.

Ly said YBOX has been popular among students.

“Our target market is Vietnamese students with high profile and who are eager to learn and develop their career potential. We’ve seen a high usage of the site since its launch in Feb 2014: Our last month traffic was 200,000 sessions, which meant a 20% growth.” she said.

“As YBOX is a live project, we were able to use real data when convincing the judges and investors as part of the competition.

“These results helped us get through four rounds before pitching YBOX against some very serious contenders.

The team has been awarded the first prize of 400,000 yen.

Ly said her experience in the competition helped her gain something more important than first place.

“The competition taught me about the importance of balancing creativity and practicality,” Ly said.

“As a marketing practitioner, I always strive to be creative.

“Yet, without being practical, a business cannot survive,” she said.

“I’ve discovered it’s ideal to have a good balance of both.”

And according to Ly, the future of YBOX is bright.

“We are focusing on working with MNCs and companies to sell media package and working on new products for students.”