RMIT Vietnam NewsA will to learn makes super interns

A will to learn makes super interns

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 - 11:17

At RMIT Vietnam’s first Internship Fair, top employers looked for internship candidates who have the will to learn.

Last month the University’s Careers and Employability Service hosted its first Internship Fair, welcoming 15 companies from different industries including Deloitte, PwC, Amaris, Masso, Adecco, and Bates CHI & Partners.

The companies offered exciting internships and the chance for students to interview on-the-spot.

Students also benefitted from networking with company representatives and learning about current labour market trends and employer expectations.

Pham Thanh Hong, HR Assistant Manager at Deloitte, discussed key criteria for intern recruitment.

“We are not looking for rich experience in fresh graduates,” Thanh Hong said.

“Instead, what we are looking for is a strong will to absorb the professional training and working experience that we provide.”

Companies participating in the Internship Fair offered exciting internships and the chance for students to interview on-the-spot

Aeris Nguyen, Strategic Planning Manager at Masso, elaborated on those expectations.

“We need to see the passion that fresh graduates put into their work, and their increasing capability to apply knowledge into practice,” Aeris said.

“Great interns convince us of their will to learn and contribute to the company by always putting in extra effort and striving for excellence even in the smallest tasks.

“As a result, the company will surely want to invest in them for a win-win situation.”

Employers also shared that there is a high possibility to convert an internship into official long-term employment. In fact, many companies use tailored internship programs as the main channel for junior position recruitment and training.

Deloitte’s Breaking The Limit is one such program, tailored to give new graduate participants hands-on experience as an official audit specialist during the busy audit season.

“Participants who have the capacity to push out of their comfort zone, overcome the pressure of the “infamous” audit season and deliver good performance are surely guaranteed a slot in our work force,” explained Thanh Hong.  

Tran Le Vu Chi Lang, an RMIT Vietnam alumnus who successfully turned his internship into an official Marketing Coordinator position in KMS Technology, confirmed companies’ efforts in building such internship programs.

“Not only does my company provide helpful training but it also develops a professional development journey for interns to grow, from one project to another,” Chi Lang said.

“As the company invests long-term in you, make sure you understand your long-term career path and be ready to walk the extra mile too.”

Companies participating in the Internship Fair were confident that they would find the next potential intern cohort from RMIT Vietnam as they appreciate the students’ ability to learn and adapt fast, as well as to come up with creative solutions to solve employers’ problems.

Story: Thanh Phuong