RMIT Vietnam NewsWelcome to RMIT Vietnam's new website!

Welcome to RMIT Vietnam's new website!

Monday, September 17, 2012 - 20:41
RMIT University Vietnam new website: top of the homepage
RMIT University Vietnam new website: bottom of the homepage

A website is often the public face of an organisation; the spokesperson, if you will.

At RMIT University Vietnam, we knew that it was time to give our spokesperson a facelift.  

The new RMIT University Vietnam website incorporates a range of exciting new features:

  • an ability to localise and contextualise the homepage and content
  • an ability to update our own content easily and customise certain features
  • a new look and feel that shows that we belong to the same RMIT University as RMIT University Melbourne (while maintaining our own personality)

The great news about the new website is that it will reflect the new Global RMIT University look and feel, but the carousel - the rotating images in the centre of the homepage - and other aspects of the homepage will be OUR stories, reflecting the things about RMIT University Vietnam that make US unique. We've migrated to a new in-house platform that allows us to update all content easily without help from any external party – we anticipate changing the stories in the rotating carousel every few weeks to keep the homepage exciting and dynamic.

You can expect some exciting changes to the look and feel of RMIT University in the new website – additional use of colour, photography that speaks of warmth and familiarity (including smiling, and using backgrounds to provide context) and a lot more flexibility in localising our content for the Vietnam context. The new website aims to ask all prospective students, parents, research partners and staff, "How are you going to make a difference in your world?" – wherever their particular world is located.

We hope you enjoy the work that's been done so far, but we know we still have a ways to go. In the meantime...

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