RMIT Vietnam NewsVideo competition inspires students to broaden horizons abroad

Video competition inspires students to broaden horizons abroad

Monday, September 11, 2017 - 16:56

The Australian Alumni in Vietnam Video Competition 2017 showed how Vietnamese students in Australia transformed themselves as a result of studying in a different culture.

In the competition, contestants made videos focused on their experiences in Australia. Contestants were asked to portray how they had grown, and to inspire the next generation of potential students.

Tran Nguyen Van Trang, a graduate of RMIT University’s Master of Communication and Design program in Melbourne, was one of the successful RMIT alumni to submit a video portraying her experiences in Australia.

“I'm the one who loves keeping memories, sharing stories and reflecting on the past. The brief was so relevant to me. As a result, I decided to join in without any other considerations,” Ms Trang said.

Ms Trang used the video as a process of reflection and discovered that her time in Australia not only broadened her horizons, but transformed her everyday life.

“When people think of transformation, we often think of what we have achieved. Some people got a better job after graduating, some people gained confidence after living here, some others found what their dreams are about,” Ms Trang said.

“For me, it's about changing my lifestyle without acknowledging it. It's your daily life that keeps you changing. From day to day, habits lead to habits. And when you look back, it seems like nothing changed. But deep down inside, everything has changed.” 

Ho Thai Binh, an RMIT Vietnam Bachelor of Commerce graduate, believes that the competition gave him the opportunity to improve education in Vietnam and to offer his experiences in Australia as inspiration for other Vietnamese students.

“Statistically, RMITers are very fortunate to experience the international education which most of Vietnamese can't,” Mr Binh said.

“It is important to acknowledge that we can leverage our education not only for us but also for the greater good, because if people who have the world-class education can't make things better, who else can?”

David Moore is pictured alongside Tran Nguyen Van Trang, one of the winners of the Australian Alumni in Vietnam Video Competition 2017.

David Moore, a lecturer in the School of Communication & Design at the University’s Hanoi campus, was a judge for the competition. He assessed the videos using criteria which included emotional impact, the story conveyed, message of the story, and technical accomplishment. While there were winners selected, the entire field of entries impressed the judges.

“All of the students conveyed a deep senses of appreciation for their experiences in Australia,” Mr Moore said.

“Many want to continue their studies, and cherish their experiences, challenges and friendships they made. It was touching to see how so many were really affected positively by their time studying in Australia.”

Story: Daniel Eslick