RMIT Vietnam NewsTRG and RMIT: 15 years of providing opportunity

TRG and RMIT: 15 years of providing opportunity

Friday, October 28, 2016 - 10:29

For 15 years, TRG International has participated in RMIT Vietnam’s internship program, offering students the opportunity to learn about and transition into the IT industry.

"We have taken interns from literally every graduating year since RMIT opened in Vietnam and some of them are now senior managers in TRG," said Rick Yvanovich, CEO of the Ho Chi Minh City based software company.

"We helped establish the RMIT internship program and are one of the largest employers of RMIT graduates.”

RMIT Vietnam interns at TRG International (from left): David Mechin, Nguyen Huynh Anh Ngoc and Nguyen Cao Trung.

The program is currently offered to RMIT Vietnam students, and serves as a direct pathway into the industry. Successful interns return as employees in the sought-after Graduate Development Program.

Nguyen Huynh Anh Ngoc was one of them, and is now a consultant in the ERP department at TRG International. She says her experience of the internship has been a defining moment in her career.

"Within a year of my internship starting, I absorbed so much knowledge not only in information systems, but in other areas like accounting, purchasing and inventory," Ngoc said.

"More importantly, the program gave me a clearer picture of the real industry and the professions that I might be able to pursue in the future."

One of the key aspects of any internship is understanding how an organisation’s culture works. The internship program entrenches its interns in TRG's working practices, helping them to pick up valuable soft skills and develop positive characteristics on the job.

"The Kaizen culture at TRG is remarkable,” Ngoc said.

“Everything is about continuous learning and growth. Employees are encouraged to develop a can-do attitude."

"TRG International is a good workplace for interns to put what we have learnt in school into practice," said David Mechin, an RMIT Vietnam student and current intern at TRG.

"They provide high standard equipment and a professional environment, while also maximising creativity.”

Nguyen Cao Trung, another current intern at TRG International, said that thanks to RMIT, he now knew of a great place to work, but was also keen to give credit to the other employment programs RMIT Vietnam provides.

"RMIT organises career workshops, such as the Career Passport program where I learnt how to prepare my CV, how to pass job interviews and how to resolve conflicts in the workplace," he said.

"In addition, RMIT puts on events like the Career Expo where I discovered companies like TRG."

TRG International itself remains as committed to the internship program as it was 15 years ago.

"We helped start it and we will continue to support it and nurture it," Mr Yvanovich said.

And, with new students continuing to sign up for internships at TRG, Nguyen Huynh Anh Ngoc hopes that RMIT Vietnam continues to support the program which helped her so much.

"RMIT University will always be a crucial part of my career path," she said.

"Not only was I pleased with the academic syllabus offered by the university, but will always be grateful for the precious career advice from my lecturers."

Story: Daniel Eslick