RMIT Vietnam NewsTearing down the wall of apathy

Tearing down the wall of apathy

Friday, September 25, 2015 - 11:20
The campaign team members (from left to right): Nguyen Viet Thu Ha, Pham Nhat Ha, Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Thuy, Bui DuyThang, Ly Vinh Phat and Duong Kim Anh.
Leaving fingerprints on the board
Visitors play with the interactive machine at the booth

According to a group of Professional Communication students, an unusually large percentage of young adults in Vietnam are surrounded by a invisible walls of apathy that prevent them from caring for others. 

In response, the group organised Break the Wall, a social marketing campaign to raise awareness about apathy and its negative effects.

Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) student Bui Duy Thang believes that young adults in Vietnam generally do not help or care for the people around them.

“When people see an accident, for example, they tend not to help,” Thang said.

“They’ve been conditioned by childhood experiences, mass media and society to ignore these situations.”

Thang added that the possibility of crime also deters people from caring for others.

“People don’t help out because they are afraid of being cheated, or being drawn into a complicated situation.”

“When you see an accident, you’re not sure if it’s a ruse put on by criminals.”

The team used “the invisible wall" as the key visual in the campaign to represent the apathetic attitude of youth.

Team member Pham Nhat Ha explained how walls were used in their communications campaign.

“At our showcase, visitors would leave their fingerprint on a board as a promise to ‘break the wall’ together,” Ha said.

“In a second activity, visitors drew a happy face on an interactive billboard; when it was done, the wall would break into pieces.”

Ha explained that the idea behind this second activity was to tell the participants that being open-hearted would help tear down the wall of apathy.

According to Ha, all of the event’s visitors had positive feedback for the group.

“People really loved the interactive display; they also invited their friends to come to our booth and play together.”

The team members included Bui Duy Thang (Creative Director), Ly Vinh Phat (Account Executive), Pham Nhat Ha (Production Director), Duong Kim Anh (Research Manager), Nguyen Viet Thu Ha (Copy Writer) and Nguyen Ngoc Nhu Thuy (Art Planner).