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Tame your temper

Friday, May 29, 2015 - 09:46
The campaign team
Visitors at Tame your temper

A campaign by a group of RMIT Vietnam students is helping students stay cool, calm and collected. 

Tame your temper was one of eight student campaigns capturing the attention of visitors to RMIT Vietnam’s Advertising Professional Practice 1 course showcase in 13 May.

Developed by students in the Bachelor of Communication program, the campaign revealed an ugly side of human behaviour when people lose their temper.

It also suggested activities and exercises to reduce this feeling of anger.

With the image of an animal to symbolise anger, Tame your temper used the concept of the ‘inner animal’ through the visual of a cage.

Campaign team member and student Le Nguyen Tuong Van said getting angry in frustrating situations is a common response.

“But if people let their anger get out of control, there can be serious consequences,” Van said.

“We opted to focus on anger management for our campaign as it’s a relatable topic for many people.

“Anger is a common feeling people experience when they’re get stuck in an unpleasant situation.

“Some people tend to be unaware of the consequences if they lose their cool,” she said. 

Fellow team member and student Le My Hoai Duyen said the campaign is designed for people aged between16 to 22.

“According to our research, younger generations can quickly lose their temper with unpleasant things, even those that are trivial,” Duyen said.

“Our campaign provides straightforward yet efficient tips for anger management through an online platform, together with unconventional advertising.

“At the showcase, visitors enjoyed playing the games on offer such as balloon-popping, dancing activities and trying tongue-twisters,” she said.

Team member Van said the campaign received positive feedback from visitors indicating its early success.

“97% of visitors loved our idea, key message and the way we delivered it,” she said.

“And 92% agreed that our tips and activities at the showcase helped release some of their anger.”

The student team included Ho Gia Hoang (project leader), Nguyen Minh Yen Nhi (art director), Nguyen Truong Thuy Duong (strategic planner), Vo Quynh Truc Thanh (media planner), Le My Hoai Duyen (account executive), Le Nguyen Tuong Van (film editor) and Nguyen Ngoc Uyen Cong (copywriter).