RMIT Vietnam NewsStudents promote fashion course

Students promote fashion course

Tuesday, September 15, 2015 - 10:17
Distributing teasers at RMIT Vietnam (Saigon South campus).
Guest speakers at the talk show.
The team with their teachers and friends

A group of RMIT Vietnam Professional Communication students organised a campaign to promote Fashion Visual Merchandising, an elective course in the Fashion and Textiles program.

Rather than using traditional promotional methods, the students organised a campaign with the help of industry.

Student Pham Hong Nhat Yen Vi explained why they approached Kenji to be a central part of their campaign.

“Kenji is an open concept store that is popular amongst young people,” Vi explained.

“We wanted a store which has beautiful designs but is not too high fashion.”

“Because Kenji appeals to our target audience, we used it as the main image to bring the promotional campaign to life.”

A key part of the campaign involved inviting the founders of Kenji to speak at a talk show.

Although the founders of Kenji couldn’t make it to the event, the group was still able to promote the Fashion Visual Merchandising course by inviting three former students to share their experiences of the elective.

Besides organising the talk show, the group also designed a window display, flyers and buttons.

The name of their promotional campaign was #Visualista.

“This hashtag is a combination of ‘fashionista’ and ‘visual merchandising’,” Vi said.

Vi and her team faced a number of challenges during the project.

“We were short on time and money,” Vi said.

“However, thanks to good management and negotiation skills, and a wide network, we were able to overcome those challenges.”

The student project was part of the Interdisciplinary Communication Projects (ICP) course in the Professional Communication program.

Senior Educator Erik Young shared his thoughts on the group’s work.

“The members of Visualista had very eclectic talents,” Young said.

“Each person was able to bring something unique to the table. As a result, this group was in a good position to take on a campaign and implement it in a new way.”

The team members included Nguyen Thu Quynh Anh, La Phoi Lam, Nguyen Trung Kien, Ngo Thuy Ha My, and Pham Hong Nhat Yen Vi.