RMIT Vietnam NewsStudents act out pain to condemn school violence

Students act out pain to condemn school violence

Friday, September 12, 2014 - 10:39
The drama plot focuses on Josh, a high school student who murders his parents and five classmates.
The cast and crew of Bang Bang You're Dead drama

Raising awareness of school violence and its causes were the messages behind the psychological play Bang Bang You’re Dead recently staged by the RMIT Vietnam Drama Club.

With three performances held throughout August at the Vietnam Students Culture House in Ho Chi Minh City, Bang Bang You're Dead welcomed nearly 500 RMIT Vietnam staff, students and friends.

It's the second production in the drama series Raise the Curtains, an annual event initiated by the RMIT Vietnam Drama Club to bring theatre and performing arts closer to students.

Originally written by American director William Mastrosimone, Bang Bang You're Dead provoked the audience to think about the tragic consequences of bullying and violence in American schools, specifically portraying the aftermath of a deadly school shooting.

After attending the performance's opening night, RMIT Vietnam student Tang Ho Hong Diem said she was amazed by the cast's performance.

"You could see the passion all cast members had for their casting performance, especially the two characters Emily and Shadow," she said.

"I think anyone can relate to these characters at some point in our lives."

Drama Club President Pham Ngoc Chuong said the club hopes the selection of Bang Bang You're Dead will spread the message of the many adverse effects of bullying.

"The cast and crew members have been working really hard over the past six months," said Chuong.

"We planned and prepared everything from staging, lighting, sound and costume to make sure it would be the best experience for the audience.

"The big applauses and standing ovations at the end of the show really make our hard work pay off."

The RMIT Vietnam Drama Club is one of only three groups performing English speaking drama in Ho Chi Minh City.