RMIT Vietnam NewsStudent clubs enhance university life

Student clubs enhance university life

Wednesday, March 11, 2015 - 11:21
SGS Business Club on Club Day
Hanoi Accounting Club
Current Media Club in Hanoi
SGS Finance Club on Club Day

RMIT Vietnam student clubs are about more than holding events and fundraising, according to students from four different clubs across Saigon South and Hanoi.

Saigon South’s finance club, which has been running since 2012, often hold workshops to support students, for both club members and non-members.

Student Trinh Du Linh, who looks after the club’s human resources, said the workshops help students review and prepare for assessment.

“This semester, we’re also looking forward to launching our first online stock trading competition,” Linh said.

“We believe it will be a great opportunity for students to apply theoretical knowledge from their courses in finance and economics.”

Business club member Tran Phung Khanh Lam said his club activities help members sharpen their skills across teamwork, leadership and communication.

“Working on a club project is a different experience to working on course assignments,” Lam said.

“It involves collaborating across a diverse group of stakeholders, not just classmates, as well as gaining exposure to real business practices such as maintaining expenses and profit.

“My involvement in the club has helped me to step outside of my comfort zone and become more confident when working in a team as well as taking on leadership role,” he said.

“I can see how these skills will be of use in the work environment.”

Hanoi’s accountancy club has expanded the opportunities for students to network with industry, according to club president Vu Thuy Linh.

“Some students might not consider the networking opportunities a club offers,” Linh said.

“Whenever we run a workshop or event, we work closely with accounting industry experts such as EY, KPMG and Maritime Bank.”

Dang Nghinh Xuan, head of the Current Media club, said that clubs are open to all students, regardless of their field of study.   

For the Hanoi-based student media club, many of its members come from unrelated disciplines.

“It’s because our members are driven to learn new skills and expand their offering as a graduate,” Xuan said.

All four clubs recently joined with over 50 other student clubs as part of club day events at Saigon South and in Hanoi.