RMIT Vietnam NewsA sign of creativity

A sign of creativity

Monday, July 3, 2017 - 09:46

RMIT Vietnam design students have used signage in Academic Building 2 at Saigon South campus as a canvas for their work, using digital light projections to transform its surface.

As part of the Digital Media Specialisation 3 – Communicating on motion graphics course, students had to use motion to communicate in an everyday environment.

“The current trend in visual arts is moving from 2D to interacting and visualising in a physical space,” School of Communication & Design Associate Lecturer Ondris Pui said.

“That’s why we are trying to get students working in physical spaces, and we want them to use different methods to explore their creativity beyond just the computer screen.”

The initiative showcasing student work on building signs has been underway for two semesters now, with some positive outcomes.

Mai Vinh Quynh Nghi, a 2015 Discipline Scholarship recipient, said it was not technical proficiency that mattered most, but the critical thinking, creativity, and problem solving involved in the process.

“I had struggled to find a solution for how I would move my 3D subjects around the space before I came up with the final work,” Nghi said.

“Modern design now incorporates a lot of technologies, so we need to learn these technologies so we can be across current trends.”

The new course content, according to Mr Pui, is preparing students for future jobs.

“Things are changing, technology is changing. When we expose students to this kind of work, more than just a desktop, we prepare them for problem solving,” he said.

“We want our students to be independent, be able to create and generate whatever they are asked to do in the future.”

Story: Hoang Ha