RMIT Vietnam NewsSaigon south SIFE project 2010

Saigon south SIFE project 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010 - 10:26

THANG LONG PROJECT: Saigon South branch of SIFE (Students In Free Enterprise) is working with Saigon Children's Charity and the Thang Long Vocational Training School in District 4, HCMC, to build skills which will help young people to enter hospitality industry careers.

The team will soon be working with 40 Thang Long School students from the age of 17-25 years who are about to graduate from a Hospitality Course. Most of these students come from poor families. This project was successfully conducted last year and this time, SIFE will once again support Thang Long students with:

  • CV preparation
  • Interviewing techniques
  • Job searching skills

In each training session, SIFE team will give out notes and handouts, provide real-life examples andconduct activities to illustrate the concepts as well as preparing prizes for students to encourage their participation. After the training series, a written test and role plays will be provided to evaluate the learning result of the students and measure the achievement of objectives in the training sessions.

In addition, SIFE will hold a tour for Thang Long students to visit five-star hotels to help them see a potential future workplace. Finally, at the end of the training course, to evaluate the success of the project, SIFE team will hold a Career Day at Thang Long School. HR Managers from major hotels will be invited and have direct conversations and contact with the students.

RMIT Vietnam SGS SIFE team was established in February 2009. It describes its mission as being "to become the most prestigious and professional organisation providing RMIT students with opportunities, knowledge and relationships needed for a meaningful contribution to a better world as entrepreneurs and business leaders." (