RMIT Vietnam NewsRMIT Vietnam revamps its MBA for “busy executives”

RMIT Vietnam revamps its MBA for “busy executives”

Friday, March 9, 2012 - 17:17

RMIT International University Vietnam has started teaching an innovative new-style MBA program for business executives at its Saigon South campus.

Starting this month, subjects are being presented in two parts:  a four-day “intensive format”, supported then by online learning and out-of-session consultations with academics.

The new approach is designed to offer executives more flexibility in scheduling their participation, making it easier for them to pursue MBA Executive studies and remain in high level jobs.

According to Melbourne-based Professor Amalia Di Iorio, Director of RMIT's MBA programs, the new intensive delivery method not only benefits Vietnamese students but also accommodates managers from neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Singapore because they can conveniently fly to Vietnam for weekend classes.  Professor Di Iorio herself was in Ho Chi Minh City last weekend for classes.

"The fact that I'm at Saigon South campus lecturing this weekend validates the unique flexibility of the program and signals upcoming visits of many other leading academics from overseas who will provide our students with the most up-to-date knowledge and insights on real-world business issues."

Professor Di Iorio said RMIT Vietnam’s revamped MBA Executive program will encourage learners to engage more in sharing their knowledge and experience as well as expanding their professional networks amongst high performing international business executives.

The new approach by RMIT aims to “enrich and unify” its MBA Executive offers including the programs it provides in Melbourne, Australia, and online through the Open Universities Australia (OUA) website. In Melbourne, a 12-week semester format is followed, whilst Vietnam is moving to the new ‘intensive learning’ format and Open Universities Australia is offering content online.

One of the students who is already benefiting from the new approach, Ahmed Hassan, a sales manager based in Dubai, praises the concept.

“I decided to fly to Vietnam for the introductory course, and it has been a positive experience as I had the chance to meet a lot of talented and experienced executives who I will definitely be in touch with in the future. I’m planning to complete my MBA remotely, but for challenging courses, I might fly to Vietnam again to receive face-to-face lectures and guidance from my professors. This is the flexibility that busy managers like me are looking for.”