RMIT Vietnam NewsRMIT Vietnam researchers attend Melbourne conference

RMIT Vietnam researchers attend Melbourne conference

Wednesday, March 22, 2017 - 14:38

Four outstanding researchers from RMIT Vietnam – all recipients of the RMIT Early Career Researcher (ECR) Enabling Capability Platforms (ECP) Travel Award – recently visited the RMIT Melbourne City campus.

Early career researchers Dr Hiep Pham, Dr Sagi Mathew, Dr Edouard Amouroux and Dr Brian McCauley took part in an intensive five-day workshop from 13–17 February 2017. They each presented their research findings and participated in workshops with approximately 40 other peers and senior research leaders.

The workshops covered topics including career development, grants, research translation and publishing. Attendees also had the opportunity to meet with prospective research collaborators and mentors to lay the groundwork for future partnerships.

Dr McCauley, a Lecturer in the Centre of Communication and Design, said it was fantastic to be immersed in such a supportive environment alongside other researchers at similar points in their careers.

Left to right: RMIT Vietnam ECRs Dr Hiep Pham, Dr Sagi Mathew, Dr Edouard Amouroux and Dr Brian McCauley with Emeritus Professor Alan Johnson AM (centre).

“The travel grant was a fantastic opportunity for academics starting out in Vietnam," said Dr McCauley, whose research focuses on digital behaviour. Dr McCauley has published conference papers on Facebook and gaming in Vietnam, and has been developing a mobile game focused on the environmental benefits of keeping Vietnam clean.

For Dr Edouard Amouroux, Senior Lecturer in the Centre of Technology, the Travel Award will advance his research in computer simulation of natural and social systems using agent-based modelling techniques. He has worked on several applications already including the spread of avian influenza in North Vietnam, household electricity consumption and human behaviour, among others.

The other two recipients from RMIT Vietnam are both from the Centre of Commerce and Management.

Senior Lecturer Dr Hiep Pham’s current research focuses on assessing to what extent a social marketing approach can be employed to influence organisational users' cyber security behaviour at work, while lecturer Dr Sagi Mathew is studying the impact of employee relations in implementing lean production and management practices in the foreign subsidiaries of Japanese and other multinational corporations.

The RMIT ECP Conference ECR Travel Award (Vietnam) was established to facilitate the attendance of high achieving early career researchers from RMIT Vietnam at the 2017 RMIT Enabling Capabilities Platform Conference in Melbourne, Australia.

Story: Jon Aspin