RMIT Vietnam NewsRMIT Vietnam graduates ready for new global market trends

RMIT Vietnam graduates ready for new global market trends

Friday, December 4, 2015 - 11:11
Student Nguyen Anh Thi
Student Nguyen Hoang Phu

As Vietnam joins the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) the demand for qualified employees with the global knowledge and essential skills to work in a multicultural environment will increase.

This year, more than 1600 students from 18 different fields including Communication, Design, Commerce, Management, Information Technology and Fashion graduated with joy and pride at RMIT Vietnam’s campuses.

These graduates are confident, skilled, qualified and will make a valuable contribution to the Vietnamese labour force.

The TPP trade agreement will have a strong effect on Vietnam Pacific economics, promising to bring more opportunities but challenging the country.

For Bachelor of Business (Accountancy) graduate Nguyen Anh Thi who graduated with distinction, this year, six months working at Prudential Vietnam has given her opportunities to integrate in a multinational company.

“I have been required not only to apply comprehensive knowledge but also soft skills to solving problems at the company,” she said.

“I make the most of what I learned at university and believe my studies have been really useful in my development as a management trainee.”

The former RMIT Vietnam President of the Accounting Club believes that she has prepared herself with the necessary skills to keep up with the market trends.

“In the club I successfully organised many events which helped to develop my leadership, communication and negotiation skills.

“These skills continue to be developed in alignment with global market trends,” she said.

“It’s important that I never stop learning and improving my soft skills.”

Another of the graduate, Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance) graduate Nguyen Hoang Phu, is proud of working as a management trainee at the German company, Henkel, which operates worldwide with leading brands and technologies in laundry and home care, beauty care and adhesive technologies.

“As part of my recruitment process, I passed through five rounds including my CV application, an online test, an interview with Human Resources, a group interview and an interview with the Regional Director,” Phu said

“Strong communication and negotiation skills are principal elements to ensure efficient collaboration between local and regional teams.”

Phu said that the RMIT Vietnam education helped him to set the right direction for his career path.

“I’ve gained experience and practical skills including time and pressure management, team building and English competency so I feel more confident about seeking job opportunities brought by the TPP.”

In total almost 9,900 RMIT Vietnam graduates are becoming renowned for their high skill levels and their ability to work effectively across cultures and languages.