RMIT Vietnam NewsRMIT Vietnam design lecturer in the spotlight

RMIT Vietnam design lecturer in the spotlight

Friday, July 10, 2015 - 13:55
Lecturer Nguyen Trong Khoa presenting about script-writing
High school students and RMIT Vietnam volunteers joining a workshop

High school students recently came to RMIT Vietnam to learn about screenwriting from one of the country’s experienced filmmakers.

The workshop was run by filmmaker and RMIT Vietnam design lecturer Nguyen Trong Khoa and formed part of the recent Toto filmmaking program held at the University’s Saigon South site.

At the workshop, Mr Nguyen shared how making a good movie is similar to building a skyscraper because the script makes up the construction plans.

“A terrific script needs to include three parts: the opening, body and ending,” he said.

“Writing about a topic you know really well or have researched is a defining element of dialogues that are true to life.

“However, a scriptwriter should avoid writing too much dialogue and try to let the characters act the story out instead,” he said.

Mr Nguyen gave students some key tips:                  

  • Defeat your self-doubt: “Being confident about your ability to succeed is a must for a filmmaker.”
  • Conquer yourself: “Once you’ve overcome the biggest obstacle, which is yourself, you’ll come off very well in your chosen career.”
  • Me to we: “Each individual should complete his or her job responsibly and support others in the film crew.”

RMIT Vietnam student Nguyen Viet Duy Anh, a volunteer at the Toto filmmaking program, said the experience was a chance for her as well as her fellow design students to share a common interest in filmmaking with potential high school students.

“I was a buddy for many young and talented high school students and I was able to share my passion my film as well as some of the learning from my study,” the Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) student said.

“Outside the classroom, we’ve also become good friends.”

The Toto filmmaking program aims to bolster cinematic passion within young people by providing basic filmmaking techniques such as script writing, filming, acting and film production in both theory and practice.