RMIT Vietnam NewsRMIT Vietnam alumni flourish at international consulting group

RMIT Vietnam alumni flourish at international consulting group

Thursday, May 17, 2018 - 11:56

The local office of Amaris International, the global technology and management consulting group, currently employs over 25 RMIT Vietnam alumni, and specifically seeks out graduates of the University.

Aurore Boulon, Campus Recruitment Coordinator at Amaris, explains that RMIT Vietnam produces ideal candidates for the workplace.

“It’s about the level of degree they get, which is really good,” she says. “In addition to the degree, it’s the level of English they have.”

Amaris’ workforce includes people from around the world, but English is the language that all business is conducted in, so employees need a firm grasp of it.

“It would not be possible to employ someone who isn’t able to communicate in English,” Ms Boulon says.

She also highlights the flexible, fast-paced nature of work at Amaris, a setting which she believes RMIT Vietnam graduates excel in.

“It’s a young and fast-growing environment,” Ms Boulon shares.

“We have the entrepreneurial spirit; we are trying to adapt a lot, and we are always trying to be flexible, to always improve our applications and our organisation.”

“So we need people who are able to follow this, that are not scared of changes…and that’s why we appreciate working with RMIT students.”

Aurore Boulon is Campus Recruitment Coordinator at Amaris International, a firm that currently employs more than 25 RMIT Vietnam alumni.

One of those alumni is Tran Thi Khanh Ly, a graduate from RMIT Vietnam’s School of Business & Management and a Senior Project Manager at Amaris. She interned at the company for one year after learning about them at a networking event. She was drawn to Amaris’ fast-paced growth and cosmopolitan nature.

“They were looking for a Junior Manager, and I thought it was a challenging opportunity,” Ms Ly says.

“I was surprised and intrigued by the international environment and the large number of nationalities that we had in Vietnam office.”

Her English skills also led her to focus her job search on firms like Amaris, creating a perfect match, given what Ms Boulon looks for in a prospective employee.

“At RMIT Vietnam, I used English for everything, so I felt more comfortable working in English than in Vietnamese, so I was only looking for an international company,” Ms Ly shares.

RMIT alumni and interns working at Amaris International participated in a networking event.

Ms Boulon also emphasises the career growth and training opportunities available at Amaris.

“As it’s a fast-growing company you can easily become a manager really fast, if you want, and get more and more responsibilities,” she says.

“I think that’s also something that attracts students because in big companies it’s always hard to go from one position to another...whereas here, after less than a year, almost everyone has to either manage people or expand their scope.”   

Meanwhile, training is also key. In addition to one month of position-specific training when an employee comes on board, workers are able to request training when they need, instead of waiting for a manager to offer it to them.

Ms Ly’s journey at the company illustrates these focus points.

“I became an independent team leader after four months and a manager after one year, where I managed a new junior manager,” she says. She now manages three people and is given regular opportunities to grow and learn.

When asked what advice she would give to job seekers, Ms Ly shares: “To be super curious at all times. The best way to adapt and bring new ideas is to always ask questions and challenge existing ideas.”

Story: Mike Tatarski