RMIT Vietnam NewsRMIT University Vietnam strengthens bond with Chu Van An High School

RMIT University Vietnam strengthens bond with Chu Van An High School

Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 16:30
Mr John Crook (fifth from left) presenting the gift to Chu Van An High School's teachers and students

RMIT International University Vietnam recently presented Chu Van An High School (Hanoi) two native Australian gum trees, also well-known for being the habitat of famous koalas, to further reinforce the bilateral relationship between the two institutions.

"I am pleased to see how the bond between us has grown over the past eight years, being perpetuated by different generations of students who have done their studies at both institutions," RMIT University Vietnam’s Head of Hanoi campus Mr John Crook said at the hand-over ceremony in mid March 2012.

"At the moment, Chu Van An graduates accounted for the second highest number of students attending our University's campus in Hanoi. I truly hope this number will continue to rise in the near future."

After over 103 years of a proud history and tradition, Chu Van An is now known as Vietnam’s oldest high school. The School has produced many of Vietnam’s great leaders such as Pham Van Dong, Ngo Gia Tu, Nguyen Van Cu, and Le Van Luong.

Recently, RMIT University Vietnam also awarded a full scholarship to Ms Bạch Ngọc Lan Anh – an alumnus of Chu Van An High School (class 2008-2011).

In his visit to Chu Van An High School, Mr Crook also praised the School's success in recent years for having 90 per cent of its graduates accepted to public universities and producing a valedictorian in the national university entrance exam seemingly every year.

"Education is definitely the centre of attention for such a rapidly developing country like Vietnam. Both institutions recognise the importance of equipping students with a solid foundation of knowledge and skills. A commitment to life-long learning is fostered through RMIT University’s approach to tertiary programs but the university recognises that the foundational roots of this educational ethos commences much earlier. The symbolism of personal growth is reflected in the gift to Chu Van An High School, as the tree grows so too do the students that pass through the gates of the school; its branches the many avenues of exploration that await them in their future careers. We have great confidence in our interrelated education schemes which I believe would help Vietnam in producing an elite generation of young professionals."