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The right frame of mind

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - 10:02
Held on Wednesday 19 November, Mental Health and Wellbeing Day is a part of the Living Well Program by RMIT Vietnam’s Sports and Recreation Department and Counselling Service.

At Mental Health and Wellbeing Day in Hanoi RMIT students and staff learned about a host of ways to help live a healthier, more positive lifestyle.

The stresses and trials of modern life can get to everyone, and it is certainly no different at RMIT in Vietnam. Juggling busy study and work schedules, it can become difficult to maintain an even work-life balance.

To help staff and students develop healthy and positive habits, RMIT Vietnam's Sports and Recreation Department and Counselling Service host the Living Well Program. This encompasses a range of health, fitness and lifestyle workshops and classes to help staff maximise their wellbeing while working at the University.

One of the featured events in this program is the Mental Health and Wellbeing Day, which this year in Hanoi was held on Wednesday 19 November. The day featured health and wellbeing activities including a holistic health workshop, stop smoking seminar, life coaching session, exercise classes, free giveaways and more.

The exercise classes were conducted by event sponsors including a yoga meditation session by Zenith Yoga, a fight-fitness and cardio class from Nshape, and a Zumba class from Zumba Hanoi. These and other gym sponsors such as ClubM and Fusion Bodyworks also gave out gym passes and special discounts for RMIT students and staff.

There was a talk on managing stress and achieving mind-body balance from independent holistic health practitioner Karen Gay, and another on identifying and managing anxiety from Laurence Fabre-Welmond of the Hanoi Counselling Group.

RMIT Hanoi campus Sport and Recreation Coordinator Nguyen Hong Ngoc said more than 80 people took part in the day's activities, and participants and organiser all had a great time.

"This event was a success because it was a great collaboration between Sports and Recreation and Counselling Services," she said.

"This event also helped us to promote a healthier lifestyle for RMIT students and staff. Moreover, it helped them to see that exercise is not just about sweat and exhausting moments, but you can also really enjoy it and have lots of fun."