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Raise the curtain

Wednesday, October 23, 2013 - 16:07
One scene of the musical show
One scene of the musical show
Group photo of the cast and crew

The classic musical Peter Pan was the first full musical production brought to the stage by the RMIT Drama Club.

It was fully six-months in the making, but the RMIT Drama Club had a resounding success with their first major production.

Staged recently in the Melbourne Theatre at the Saigon South campus, the show received a standing ovation from the many students and staff who attended. This was testament to the countless hours of hard work put in by the cast and crew.

The Drama Club chose Peter Pan, the story of the boy who never grows up, because they felt it reflected their own youthful enthusiasm. The many months spent working on the production also helped all involved form a strong sense of teamwork that helped them overcome the many challenges they faced along the way.

Stage manager for the production and President of the Drama Club Vo Thi Ngoc Han said she was overwhelmed by the response to the show.

"The result was way more successful than we expected," she said. "After this show, we have more motivation and belief in ourselves, this could start a new era for Drama Club."

Congratulations to all the cast and crew.

Peter Pan – Alex Nguyen
Wendy – Pham Phuong Mai
Hook – Duong Dat Thinh
Tiger Lily - Nguyen Thu Quynh Anh
John – Pham Ngoc Chuong
Michael - Cung Ngan Anh
Smee – Tran Ngoc Nhu Thao
Tootle - Phan Minh Tri
Nibs – Tran Quan Trac
Curly – Ly Vinh Phat
Indians – Vo Tran Kim Khanh, Do Thi Quy Hao, Nguyen Ngoc Thuy An, Quynh Chi
Pirates – Nguyen Hoang, Tran Van Chinh, Pham Khanh Linh
The father - Nguyen Hoang
The mother - Do Thi Qui Hao
Nana - Ly Vinh Phat
Crocodile – Lo Minh Hoang

Director - Le Hoang Nhat Minh
Scriptwriter - Le Hoang Nhat Minh, Tran Van Chinh
Stage manager – Vo Thi Ngoc Han
Choreography, music - Alex Nguyen
Property Leader – Pham Ngoc Chuong
Design Leader - Pham Lan Anh
Costume/Makeup Leader – Nguyen Do Quyen Di
Human Resources Leader – Le Hoang Trang
Treasurer – Duong Ha Tam
Secretary – Nguyen Xuan Bach