RMIT Vietnam NewsProfessional Communication students receives two big rewards for their creativity

Professional Communication students receives two big rewards for their creativity

Friday, December 18, 2015 - 15:11
Blinque team members (back row): Do Phuong Tra, Le Gia Hung and Hoang Thanh Ha, (front row) Vien Hoang Ha and Bui Le Anh Phuong.
Pet Pawsitive poster with two main colours, green and orange to emphasise nature and enthusiasm.

An RMIT Vietnam student campaign to raise awareness about responsible pet ownership has won two awards of excellence - one from the Head of the Professional Communication Department and one from the Samsung Company. 

Blinque team presented their campaign, Pet Pawsitive, at the University’s student showcase entitled ‘Flow’.

The purpose of their campaign was also to promote healthy ‘petting’ habits in Vietnam. They provided mind-opening tips and mind-blowing facts about pets, specifically canines and felines.

The team members were Professional Communication students Do Phuong Tra, Le Gia Hung, Bui Le Anh Phuong, Hoang Thanh Ha and Vien Hoang Ha.

Do Phuong Tra, a member of Blinque team, said, “We first came up with the idea for this project when coming across the issue of 'animal neglect', which we believe is not yet a commonly known term in Vietnam.

“This is very different from animal abuse. ’Animal neglect' happens when the owner of an animal fails to provide it with adequate needs. In the long run, the pets could be sick or feel uncomfortable.”

The Centre of Communication and Design launched the student showcase entitled ‘Flow’ to show the outstanding creative artwork to the university community as well as inspiring current students and making industry confident about employing RMIT students.

Head of Centre of Communication and Design Professor Rick Bennett said, “The idea of having a showcase is to make a statement to everyone as to where we currently are as a Communication and Design school.

“Flow has set the bar from which we can grow and develop.”

Blinque team used green and orange as their main colours for the Pet Pawsitive campaign, where green represented nature and education while orange was for enthusiasm and liveliness. The campaign aimed to educate and guide everyone to provide animals with the basic needs including exercise, medicine, living space and hygiene.

Throughout the showcase, Blinque team received many positive feedback from the audiences. Therefore, it is no surprise that they earned two big prizes for their campaign.

“We were not able to come to Ho Chi Minh City to receive our awards but we were all very surprised, proud and thankful when they broke the news to us.

“‘Surprised’ because we had no idea there would be any awards let alone two of them; ‘Proud’ because our efforts had been recognised; and ‘Thankful’ because we had thoughtful and supportive lecturers here at the Hanoi City campus,” Tra said.