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Pearl of the Far East

Friday, January 16, 2015 - 13:17
The Pearls team includes Nguyen Vinh Hien (art director), Quach Ngoc Ly (account executive), Ly Nguyen Ha Giang (media planner), Do Hoang Duc Anh (copywriter), Nguyen Tran Huong Thao (copywriter) and Pham Cong Danh (leader and art director) (left to right).
Visitors experienced the trial app.

An advertising campaign developed by RMIT Vietnam students is reviving the younger generation’s interest in Ho Chi Minh City’s rich and diverse history.  

The student campaign Living history: Pearl of the Far East drew attention among the crowd at a showcase event for the University's Advertising Professional Practice 1 course.

The campaign, created by students in the Bachelor of Communication program, delivered an engaging and fresh approach towards history for the younger generation.

It focused on redefining, rediscovering and rebuilding the history of Ho Chi Minh City and bringing back the term "Pearl of the Far East".

Images of pearls, which had once been used to depict the exotic and luxuriant beauty of the city, were used to take visitors on a journey into the past.

Campaign team member and student Ly Nguyen Ha Giang said while her generation is proud of the city's history and has a strong sense of nationalism, it can often feel disconnected when learning about the past through black-and-white pictures full of dates and figures.

"We wanted people to feel connected with history so we focused on a familiar place to many: Saigon," Giang said.

"We asked our peers if they were confident they knew and clearly understood about Saigon's past, a place once known as Pearl of the Far East.

"This background research gave us insight to help shape our campaign's key messages and media tools."

Fellow team member and student Pham Cong Danh said the group took into account the common characteristics of the campaign's target audience, Generation Y.

"As students and white-collared workers from 18 to 23 years old, we're known for self-pride and wanting real experiences relevant to our self-development," Danh said.

"Our campaign used a combination of traditional and interactive tools, such as a website, mobile application and social media.

"At the showcase, visitors played a monopoly-themed game and experienced a trial version of the mobile app which included giveaways."

Feedback from the showcase indicated the campaign was a success, according to Giang.

"100% of our visitors were positive towards the idea of re-discovering Saigon's history," she said.

"And 85% liked the tools we use to convey our messages."

The student group included Pham Cong Danh (leader and art director), Nguyen Vinh Hien (art director), Nguyen Tran Huong Thao (copywriter), Do Hoang Duc Anh (copywriter), Ly Nguyen Ha Giang (media planner) and Quach Ngoc Ly (account executive).