RMIT Vietnam NewsA passion for leadership

A passion for leadership

Thursday, October 8, 2015 - 17:11
Bachelor of Commerce student Nguyen Vinh Bao

Bachelor of Commerce student Nguyen Vinh Bao is passionate about developing himself into a leader. 

For him, being a leader means to never stop learning and to always keep growing.

“Leadership skills are gained through hard work,” Bao proclaimed.

Now a graduate, Bao explained that as a freshman, he lacked confidence and proactivity.

“Fortunately, school activities and student organisations pushed me out of my comfort zone. Then, I learned about myself and discovered a ‘I can do it’ attitude,” Bao said.

With this attitude, Bao has racked up a long list of accomplishments: a full RMIT scholarship in 2012, the 2014 AmCham Scholarship and the 2014 RMIT Student Leadership Recognition Award.

Bao also won the 2015 DuoTWIST competition and with it the opportunity to represent Vietnam at the fifth National Youth Leadership Conference in Cambodia.

In addition to these achievements, Bao also took on leadership roles for student groups. He was Vice President of Project Management for AIESEC Vietnam, Vice President of the Hanoi Chapter of Golden Key, and the project leader of Vietnam Youth Icon.

“You can learn whatever you need to get whatever you want,” Bao said.

This determination helped him succeed at a recent internship at SCG International Internship Program in Bangkok, Thailand.

As Marketing Executive of Thai British Security Printing (under the SCG Group), he was given a challenging task with a short timeline.

Drawing from the leadership skills he developed at RMIT, Bao approached the task proactively. He set priorities, conducted thorough research and consulted with his boss often. 

The board of directors at Thai British Security Printing was very impressed with Bao’s final presentation and invited him back to work for the company in the future.

“What I learnt from my experience at RMIT has supported me a lot to make the most of this valuable internship,” Bao said.

Now that he has returned to Vietnam, Bao is keeping himself busy by attending conferences and activities with the aim of developing himself and preparing for post-graduate life.

Bao’s goal is to work in a communications firm.