RMIT Vietnam NewsNew internship program maximises student learning

New internship program maximises student learning

Thursday, August 4, 2016 - 12:05

A redesigned internship program including personalised learning objectives, explicit development of employability skills, guided reflection, and industry learning has been launched at RMIT Vietnam. 

RMIT Vietnam President Professor Gael McDonald was delighted with the new program, commenting that it serves students and strengthens relationships with industry.

“The Flagship Internship Program is part of the University’s work integrated learning, and will prepare students for their careers,” Professor McDonald said during the launch event at RMIT Vietnam’s Saigon South campus.

“The program provides students the opportunity for reflection, learning and growth.”

Flagship Internship Launch

Photo: President Professor Gael McDonald gives the opening speech at the launch event.

RMIT Vietnam Learning and Teaching Acting Manager Catherine Peck highlighted reflection as a significant point in the new process.

“Based on personalised learning objectives set at the beginning of the internship, students are encouraged to undertake three reflection pieces [during the internship],” she said.

“Students do not just describe their experience; they have to think about what they learn from that incident and how this might transfer to relevant or similar situations in the future.”

Phoenix Ho, Manager of Career Support and Advisory, said that students will benefit from three workshops that are designed to support those reflection pieces.

“The three workshop themes are teamwork, resilience, and communication in the workplace, and they are tied together under the larger subject of ‘conflict resolution at work’.”

Flagship Internship Launch

Photo: Phoenix Ho, Manager of Career Support and Advisory, said students would benefit from three workshops that are designed to support the reflection pieces.

In addition to these workshops, students will be supported by site visits from University staff, and connected to peers and teachers in an online community during their internship.

“At the end of journey, students have a debrief interview with their academic supervisor,” added Ms Peck.

“The focus of that interview will be a reflection on the development of their employability skills, the achievement of their personalised learning objectives, and their learning in that industry.”

The Flagship Internship Program takes advantage of the University’s strong industry connections, and provides placements in various sectors including business, information technology, advertising, engineering and design.

Story: Hoang Ha