RMIT Vietnam NewsNew graduates get a fresh start at Unilever Vietnam

New graduates get a fresh start at Unilever Vietnam

Friday, January 23, 2015 - 15:03
Le Nguyen Nhat Quang and Nguyen Xuan Duy Quang (left to right).

Two recent RMIT Vietnam graduates have been awarded internships with one of the world’s leading suppliers of home, personal care and food goods.

Nguyen Xuan Duy Quang and Le Nguyen Nhat Quang have both started a six-month paid internship at Unilever Vietnam, one of global corporation’s Asia Pacific subsidiaries.

The pair were awarded the opportunity through the Unilever Fresh Program, a bi-annual recruitment initiative for new graduates looking to build a professional career in customer development, marketing, human resources, finance and manufacturing.

21-year-old Duy Quang, an RMIT Vietnam Bachelor of Commerce graduate, said he had always considered Unilever Vietnam an employer of choice and is thrilled to be working in trade marketing for the corporation.

“On researching Unilever Vietnam and its values, I was particularly interested in its focus on corporate social responsibility,” Duy Quang said.

“The campaign for Lifebuoy, which is a sanitising hand soap, particularly appealed to me as it involved educating school children on the importance of personal hygiene.

“As well as being a dynamic and fast-moving company, it was Unilever’s stance on social responsibility and working with the community which motivated me to apply for the program.”

For Nhat Quang, a 22-year-old Bachelor of Business (Marketing) graduate, it was the creativity behind some of Unilever Vietnams’s marketing campaigns which led to his application for the internship opportunity.

“After studying marketing for three years at RMIT Vietnam, I look at products and services through the eyes of a marketer and always consider the meaning and messages behind consumer campaigns,” he said.

“I was impressed with Unilever Vietnam’s Comfort campaign with its inspiring and powerful messaging as well as its roll out with product samples of the fabric softener.”

Unilever Vietnam’s competitive internship program receives applicants from universities across the country.

The final round of the selection process involved presenting a marketing solution for anti-dandruff shampoo Clear Men to a judging panel of Unilever Vietnam senior executives.

What stood out for the pair, according to the judges, were the critical thinking skills used to address the challenge as well as their approach towards evidenced based research.

Both Duy Quang and Nhat Quang said they were able to draw on the skills and techniques acquired through their market research and marketing communications courses as part of their undergraduate degrees. 

The duo started their internships in mid January.