RMIT Vietnam NewsNarrowing the gap between academia and industry

Narrowing the gap between academia and industry

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 - 12:45
RMIT Australia PhD student Duy Dang-Pham
Duy in Melbourne, Australia

RMIT Vietnam alumnus and RMIT Australia PhD student Duy Dang-Pham is looking forward to returning to Vietnam to contribute his academic learning to industry.

25-year old Duy is the first person from RMIT Vietnam to receive the IPRS–PhD scholarship from RMIT University’s School of Business IT & Logistics in Melbourne, Australia.

The high-achiever has been pursuing a career in academia since he was a first year student at RMIT Vietnam and completing his Bachelor of Business (Business Information Systems) in 2011.

He said his passion for academia is inspired by his lecturers who are currently supporting him with his research on a variety of topics ranging from information security and privacy management to knowledge management, supply chain management in the construction industry, social media and technology adoption.

Duy’s PhD primary supervisor at RMIT Australia Dr Siddhi Pittayachawan said that he has been supervising Duy when he started in the research journey as an Honours student.

“Duy loves studying, trying new thing, publishing research outputs, and teaching students, which are crucial traits to become a good academic,” Dr Pittayachawan said.

“As a result, he quickly grasps whatever I teach him, which provides me a very enjoyable experience to see his growth over these past years.”

His PhD secondary supervisor at RMIT Australia Dr Vince Bruno highly appreciates Duy’s attitude and research skills.

“Duy is willing to learn more, which means he actively listens, questions and researches new things of interest,” Dr Bruno said.

“As one of his PhD supervisors I enjoy the collegial relationship that we have, where we collaborating and learning from each other, through his PhD research journey.

“His research skills have improved significantly over the years from Honours and now into his PhD.”

For his PhD project, Duy is collaborating with a leading interior design and architecture corporation in Vietnam to improve its information security management system.

“I want to narrow the gap between academia and industry, especially in Vietnam, by conducting applied researches that bring practical results,” Duy said.

“People often tell me that there’s always a gap between academia and industry, but in fact there are many mutual benefits when these areas align.

“I’m passionate about pursuing an academic career so that I can contribute to the society by promoting education and creation of new knowledge.”

As a PhD candidate, Duy has been published in high-ranked conference proceedings and journals including Computers & Security, International Journal of Information Security and Privacy, Pacific Asia & Australasian Conferences on Information Systems.

He expects to finish his PhD in the middle of 2017.