RMIT Vietnam NewsMy adventure began with an RMIT scholarship

My adventure began with an RMIT scholarship

Friday, June 23, 2017 - 15:07

Dao Thu Ha, a Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) student, says her life changed after receiving a scholarship from RMIT Vietnam.

Ha is currently a freelance photographer and a key member of Matca, an online platform for emerging Vietnamese photographers.

“I’m so lucky because what I’m doing now is what I love and am passionate about. My life had a twist – a good one, thanks to the RMIT scholarship.”

Being offered a full tuition fee scholarship in 2013, says Ha, was the moment her life’s adventure began.

“I enjoyed studying at RMIT very much,” Ha says.

“Above all, what I’ve learnt is fundamental knowledge, especially how to brainstorm an idea and how to execute that idea. And it is correct for both photography and writing or any other things. This is something I can’t acquire if I study photography, I think.”

Ha was the Chief Editor of Current Media, RMIT’s student magazine, and said the experience working on the publication enriched her knowledge. She also enhanced her university experience with an international exchange.

“I highly recommend other students to take the chance of a one-year exchange to study overseas,” Ha shares.

“It’s a good opportunity RMIT offers to students. I chose to study in Australia to learn further about contextual study. It is so interesting and helpful to my job now.”

Ha (right) was the former Chief Editor of Current Media, a student magazine.

According to Ha, there are things students who are applying for scholarship should keep in mind.

“No one who ever applies for a scholarship can say for sure that they will succeed. I just tried and luckily I made it,” Ha says.

"Before you apply for any scholarship, identify what you want to study. You have to know what you want to do, career-wise.”

Ha in Jodhpur. While studying, especially during her one-year exchange to Australia, Ha travelled to expand her horizons.

Ha in Tasmania. While studying, especially during her one-year exchange to Australia, Ha travelled to expand her horizons.

Ha also stressed the importance of developing skills outside the classroom.

“GPA and IELTS scores are not enough,” Ha advises.

“You have to invest effort and time into relevant extra-curriculum activities that will sharpen your edge.”

“Your passion and commitment will shine through in your statement of purpose and example of works.”

“If you have a leadership oriented-mind and capabilities, RMIT may be a good choice for you.”

Story: Pham Kieu Trang