RMIT Vietnam NewsMost read stories of 2017

Most read stories of 2017

Thursday, December 28, 2017 - 15:27

This has been a banner year for RMIT Vietnam. We launched new programs and projects, and our staff, students, and alumni continued to achieve great things in life and work.

Here are this year’s top 5 stories according to our website readers.

1. RMIT alumni make waves in Vietnam hospitality industry (read)

Two alumni have leveraged their soft skills learning from RMIT Vietnam to make a mark at two of the country’s best hotels. In just two years, Dao Thu Trang, who graduated from the University’s Saigon South campus in 2014 with a degree in Professional Communication, has risen to the position of Marketing Communications Manager at the Sofitel Legend Metropole in Hanoi.

RMIT alumni make waves in Vietnam hospitality industry

2. Lecturer explores trade versus environment debate (read)

RMIT Vietnam Senior Lecturer Dr Le Thai Ha is the lead author of a research paper entitled Trade Openness and Environmental Quality: International Evidence, which has been published in Energy Policy, a top field journal in energy economics and environmental science.

Lecturer explores trade versus environment debate

3. A Canvas of creativity (read)

RMIT Vietnam’s School of Communication & Design is showcasing creative student works at Canvas, its first off-campus exhibition, at L’Usine Cafe in Ho Chi Minh City. The exhibition features a variety of student work displayed across a series of framed canvasses.

A Canvas of creativity

4. New tourism and hospitality program targets growing market (read)

RMIT University Vietnam has launched a new Bachelor of Tourism and Hospitality Management program at events in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi on 15 January 2017.

“The growing tourism and hospitality industry in Vietnam is generating a strong demand for professionals with leadership and management skills, and cultural awareness,” said Associate Professor Nkhoma, Head of the Centre of Commerce and Management, at the launch at the University’s Saigon South campus.

New tourism and hospitality program targets growing market

5. Vietnam’s burgeoning architecture industry (read)

Vietnam’s architecture industry is growing apace with the country’s economy, presenting aspiring designers with opportunities to take and challenges to tackle.

Anyone who has spent time in Ho Chi Minh City knows that the city is changing fast. According to Gretchen Wilkins, Associate Professor and Head of Design in the School of Communication and Design, there is an on-going “shift from the existing older sort of vernacular of city fabric and blocks to these new, more international models of design.”

Vietnam’s burgeoning architecture industry