RMIT Vietnam NewsMaking a Change, Living Your Dream

Making a Change, Living Your Dream

Tuesday, November 8, 2016 - 16:59

Thanks to the tremendous support of RMIT Vietnam’s Careers and Employability Service, Do Tri Khang has dared to live his passion.

Staying True

RMIT Vietnam Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) student Do Tri Khang has fought hard to pursue his chosen career.

Initially enrolled in the Bachelor of Commerce in 2012, he says his parents had expected him to inherit and manage the family business, even though his passion lay elsewhere, in design and multimedia.

“While my friends would get excited about their business plans and projects, I felt totally indifferent,” says Khang.

“Studying a major that was not my thing was difficult. I failed some courses, couldn’t keep up with my classmates and lost confidence. It was a stressful period.”

Do Tri Khang is studying Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) at RMIT Vietnam.

One-on-one consultations with RMIT Vietnam’s career experts followed, playing a critical role in redefining what Khang’s real passions and talents were.

“Great logos, sound, and videos had always inspired me,” Khang says.

“Talking to the career advisors reminded me of how much I wanted to become someone who creates them.”

Careers and Employability Service helped Khang overcome his stresses, redefine his core strengths and goals, and then even assisted him to complete the documentation to transfer to another program.

Daring to change

After realising he was studying a major simply to please his parents, Khang decided that a move into the Bachelor of Design (Digital Media) was what he really wanted.

Khang now knows that it was the right decision as since that moment, every school day has been full of joy.

“Studying immediately became exciting and a lot easier. My imagination and creativity has been pushed to the limit and I have freedom to execute my own ideas,” said Khang.

“It took courage and sacrifice for me to find a way back, but thanks to the tremendous support of RMIT Vietnam’s Careers and Employability team, I dared to dream of a life beyond the one arranged by my parents. I have chosen to live my passion.”

Currently, Khang is combining his studies with living his dream job of designing logos and creating animations, as well as doing sound design and production for movies and commercials.

“This is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made,” said Khang. “It took time for my parents to understand, but now I have their full support.”

Story: Van Doan