RMIT Vietnam NewsLocal educators gain digital learning and teaching strategies

Local educators gain digital learning and teaching strategies

Monday, October 3, 2016 - 22:31

Twenty-six Vietnamese educators are attending a workshop this week at RMIT Vietnam to learn about digital strategies and their application in the classroom.

Hosted by RMIT Vietnam’s Centre of Digital Excellence (CODE), the training program was attended by high school teachers and representatives from the HCM Department of Education and Training (DOET).

The program follows a structure which enables the participants to learn through experience, and to apply new skills within a reflective framework.

Vietnamese educators and representatives from RMIT Vietnam at the opening of the 5-day workshop Introduction to Digital Learning and Teaching Strategies.

The daily sessions include:

  1. Experience – an experience of digital classroom activities the way their students would experience it;
  2. Reflection –  a review, analysis and discussion of the ‘Experience’ exercise in relation to relevant principles and frameworks;
  3. Horizons – an introduction to new digital learning and teaching practices, expanding the participants’ knowledge of digital resources, technologies and practices;
  4. Skills – guidance through the process of creating a digital learning object or activity that could potentially be used in the classroom; and
  5. Sharing – sharing of the object or activity created and receiving feedback.

At the program opening, RMIT Vietnam President Professor Gael McDonald said she was delighted to partner with DOET to offer this professional development opportunity to Vietnamese high school educators.

“We hope that this training program will make an impact on your teaching practice,” Professor McDonald said. 

“We also hope it will give you a deeper understanding of what digital inclusion means for the future of education.

“Most importantly we hope the program will spark your imaginations, inspiring you to try new approaches in your classrooms.”

Impact, inclusion and imagination are the three dimensions of the Centre of Digital Excellence, established earlier this year.

Professor McDonald added: “CODE is dedicated to activities that contribute to developing the Vietnamese education workforce.”

“Through CODE, RMIT Vietnam will offer qualifications in Digital Learning and Teaching for teachers in elementary and high schools and the higher education sector.

“Our qualification for higher education teachers is already available, and our certificate in Teaching with Digital Technologies which is suited to elementary and high school teachers will be available early next year.”

The workshop, entitled Introduction to Digital Learning and Teaching Strategies, is being held from 3 to 7 October at RMIT Vietnam’s Saigon South campus.

Story: Howie Phung - Hoang Ha