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Research demystifies Vietnamese online personas on Facebook

19 January, 2016

Around 36 million people do it - but how and why? RMIT researchers say that the Vietnamese people using social media fall into three distinct persona groups: the Outgoing Connector, the Reserved Trustor and the Threats Perceiver.

Solar Power a promising technology for Ho Chi Minh City

21 December, 2015

On any given day the sun shines for five to eight-and-a-half hours in Ho Chi Minh City, the bustling commercial capital of Vietnam and home to approximately eight million people.

Architecture as an agent of change in Vietnam

17 December, 2015

RMIT Melbourne PhD candidate Andrew Currie is using his dissertation – and his architectural practice – to raise the standards of his industry in Vietnam.

Research preserves cultural heritage of Vietnam

28 October, 2015

Victoria Ho, Head of Fashion in the Centre for Communication and Design, believes in designing with integrity.

Connecting research in Australia and Vietnam

22 October, 2015

The research connections between RMIT in Australia and Vietnam run deep.

New nebuliser to deliver revolutionary lung cancer treatment

02 October, 2015

A revolutionary nebuliser developed by RMIT University researchers could one day deliver life-saving cancer drugs and vaccines traditionally given by injection.

Researchers tackle violence against children in Vietnam

05 August, 2015

RMIT is working with UNICEF Vietnam on a campaign to end violence against children.

Students learn from supply chain leaders

23 July, 2015

The Supply Chain Young Talent Training Camp, one of the largest annual events for students interested in a career in the supply chain and logistics industry, recently took place at RMIT Vietnam.

Boost for biotechnology industry in Vietnam

24 April, 2015

A partnership between RMIT and the Biotechnology Center of Ho Chi Minh City is set to contribute to the development of the biotechnology industry in Vietnam.

Measuring the feasibility of an imported law

16 April, 2015

When one country ‘imports’ a law from another country, how can its feasibility be measured in the context of the receiving country?