RMIT Vietnam NewsLet’s make RMIT even better

Let’s make RMIT even better

Thursday, April 16, 2015 - 16:34

RMIT is inviting everyone to join the conversation on how the University can plan for success over the next five years.

New Vice-Chancellor and President, Martin Bean CBE, said he hopes thousands of staff, students, alumni and partners will take part in discussions over the rest of the year.

RMIT will use innovative, social media channels to make sure everyone can have their say -- whether they are a student in Hanoi, a staff member in Bundoora or an industry partner in Germany.

Everyone will be asked to “shape your university”. And, of course, there will be a hashtag to bring together all the conversations: #shapeRMIT.

“RMIT is an amazing institution,” Martin said.

“Not only is it part of the fabric of Melbourne, but our learning and teaching and research enriches Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Singapore, Barcelona and Munich. Our partnerships touch dozens of other cities around the globe.

“Since I started here, as Vice-Chancellor, just over two months ago, I have had more than 200 conversations about what is currently happening at RMIT, what it means to people, and what it could be in the future.

“I am blown away by the talent, the energy and the commitment to our institution. 

“This week, I am looking forward to continuing these conversations with the staff and students at RMIT Vietnam.

“Along with our proud history and our many current achievements, I sense a growing feeling of confidence and excitement about our future.

“During the rest of this year, we will be working to shape RMIT’s goals and actions for the next five years.

“We will take the decisions and make the investments that we believe make the most of what RMIT can create from the incredible mix of people, knowledge, places and connections that we currently represent.

“I want those decisions to reflect what really matters most – and to be guided by you, along with the whole of RMIT’s community.

“So I am opening a conversation that will continue over the next few months, through many different channels and events. And you will see the results of it towards the end of this year.

“So please, join me. Talk to your friends, your family and your co-workers. And tell us: what does RMIT mean to you?”

Join the conversation.