RMIT Vietnam NewsThe key to success is innovation

The key to success is innovation

Friday, March 22, 2013 - 10:01
Tung (right) and his lecturer Dr. Trinh
Tung is interested is in micro electronics and embedded systems

RMIT Vietnam student Nguyen Thanh Tung has found the key to becoming an innovator in the electronics engineering field.

Tung, a Master of Engineering student at RMIT Vietnam, was always a curious kid who constantly wanted to find out how clocks, radios or televisions worked. This childhood fascination paid dividends when he won first prize in the Robotics Competition held at the HCMC Youth & Cultural House in 2009.

Tung's biggest dream is to make smaller, smarter and faster technology to improve everyone's lives. His passion for engineering made him decide to study at RMIT Vietnam and he received a full scholarship from the University.

RMIT Vietnam offers Tung the opportunity to use advanced facilities and resources as well as expanding his knowledge in many specialised fields of engineering, including a one semester exchange in Australia at RMIT's Melbourne campus.

At RMIT Vietnam, Tung also has been able to continue his quest for innovation. He and his classmates came up with an impressive product for school project that allows anyone to control a computer by using hand gestures.

For his Master's thesis project, Tung, with help from one of his lecturers, conducted research on redesigning the communication infrastructure of cell phones and computers, which has been published at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers conferences in Vietnam, France and the US.

Thanks to the knowledge and practical experience he gained at RMIT Vietnam, Tung has become a potential innovator who is getting closer to achieving his dream.

This might never have happened had he not decide to study at RMIT Vietnam. Innovation is not only his key to success, but also the key to UNLOCK THE POSSIBILITIES.