RMIT Vietnam NewsThe key to success is being yourself

The key to success is being yourself

Tuesday, March 26, 2013 - 15:44
Giang doing some of her charity work
Giang's picture of the Han bridge in Danang

RMIT Vietnam student Pham Thuy Linh Giang found the key to fitting in with the crowd and achieving success was simply to be herself. 

Being the only child in the family, Pham Thuy Linh Giang (Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing) had always done things her own way, which often made it difficult for her to fit in with others. Not finding it easy to make friends, Giang found comfort through volunteering in the community.

Academic achievement and community service earned Giang a full scholarship to study at RMIT Vietnam. Since then, everything has changed for her.

With the help of her Marketing Principles lecturer, Giang applied what she had learned in class to her parents' camera repair business and helped them better manage the shop.

Giang's experience in photography earned her the respect of the students in the RMIT Hanoi Photography Club and she was eventually elected president of the club. Giang was also able to make friends with other students who shared the same interest in photography.

She has also now been offered an internship with the Department of Education and Culture at the Australian Embassy in Hanoi.

Giang never thought it was possible to fit into a group of friends while still being herself, but at RMIT Vietnam she has found a key to do just that and to UNLOCK THE POSSIBILITIES.