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Keep your eyes open

Wednesday, March 13, 2013 - 14:51
Preparing for a video shoot
Duy works as a part-time lecturer at ADS International Design and Art Centre

Doan Ngoc Duy, a student in the Bachelor of Design (Multimedia Systems) program, originally studied urban planning but he transferred to RMIT Vietnam to pursue his dream of becoming a designer.

Knowing that his parents had to work extra hard to support his education at RMIT Vietnam, Duy dedicated himself to his studies while also gaining practical experience by teaching disadvantaged children video production techniques.

Thanks to his voluntary work and academic achievements, Duy was awarded a full scholarship for current students from RMIT Vietnam and became a member of the Golden Key Honour Society.

Duy joined KOVA, a leading paint company in Vietnam whose products are widely used for government buildings, as an Art Director to help them develop a strong brand.

Because of his experience at several design boot camps he took part in while studying at RMIT Vietnam, Duy was invited to give lectures at ADS International Design and Art Centre. Due to this experience he was able to understand the rewards of being a teacher, just like his parents.

Now Duy hopes he can one day become a full-time design lecturer at RMIT Vietnam. Duy always kept his eyes open and didn't let any opportunity pass him by. That was his key to UNLOCKING THE POSSIBILITIES.