RMIT Vietnam NewsThe journey of friendship, leadership and joy

The journey of friendship, leadership and joy

Friday, March 11, 2016 - 14:17
The newly reborn Dance Club
Members from different Student Clubs bonding together after the Club Day event

More than one hundred students recently attended Club Day in Hanoi to start – or continue – their journey of developing leadership skills and building life-long friendships.

In addition to engaging booths and member recruitment activities by the ten clubs, the evening was also highlighted by spectacular musical and dance performances.

“We had great fun on stage when we gave it our all and received support from the crowd,” shared Nguyen Gia Minh, a Diploma of Commerce student and leader of the newly reborn Dance Club.           

“But more importantly, the performance that night showed how far we have come in two months as a group and how far I have progressed as a leader.

“I started the club months ago from scratch, with no other member. But on that night 12 dedicated members stood by my side. The club made a leader out of me.”

Club Day was also a milestone for many students, helping them reflect on how many friendships they have built through student clubs.

“I never expected to have so many ‘brothers’ and ’sisters’,” said Tran Quang Anh, a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) student and a member of the Music Club.

“That night, no matter where I turned, I saw familiar faces. Just a few months ago I knew none of them.

“Being in clubs together made us a family. And even if we are from different clubs, no problem! Activities always bring us together.”

After the performances, members from different student clubs continued bonding with their favourite activity – a late dinner together.

Duong Hanh Ngan, a Bachelor of Communication (Professional Communication) and Vice President of SIFE RMIT Hanoi, shared some advice for other students, especially those new to RMIT Vietnam.

“Join a club. Then you will realise that you have friends everywhere you go at RMIT,” Ngan said.

Clubs in attendance at Club Day 2016 included: Event Club, Photography Club, Football Club, SIFE, Dance Club, Music Club, Marketing Club, Basket Ball Club, Finance Club and Current Media.

Story: Van Doan