RMIT Vietnam NewsIt’s more Frisbee in the Philippines!

It’s more Frisbee in the Philippines!

Friday, November 2, 2012 - 15:39
Men’s team practicing throwing and catching a Frisbee for the upcoming tournament.
Ultimate Frisbee requires strength and flexibility

The RMIT University Vietnam Ultimate Frisbee club is gearing up to compete at an international tournament in Manila in Philippines this November.

The Manila Spirits 2012 tournament will take place from 16 to 18 November with around 70 teams taking part from different countries in the region such as Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Philippines and Vietnam.

The RMIT University Vietnam team will compete in the mixed division, where they finished runner-up last year.

“We had a great time and a great experience at the tournament in 2011,” says Phong Le, President of the RMIT Ultimate Frisbee club.

“All the team members are very excited and can’t wait to continue our success this year.”

Simple to learn yet tough to master, the fast-paced sport demands a strict training regime if you are to be competitive, and the RMIT University Vietnam squad has set about an even more intensive schedule of practice sessions as the tournament approaches.

“We have been practicing hard for this year’s tournament,” Phong says.

“Ultimate Frisbee is physically demanding and it requires speed and endurance to be built up constantly. Luckily RMIT’s sports field provides us an amazing space to play regularly.”

While a relatively new sport in the Vietnam, Ultimate Frisbee is growing fast among the RMIT community at the Saigon South campus. Established in 2006, the RMIT Ultimate Frisbee club now has around 40 members.

“What sets Ultimate apart from mainstream sport and makes me love it is the spirit of the game,” says Phuong.

“Ultimate is a self-officiating sport so there is more emphasis placed on playing fair than playing to win.

“As we play with no referee interference, it demands a strong spirit of sportsmanship and respect.”

Previously, the club has participated in numerous annual tournaments, such as the Singapore Open and the Vietnam HAT Tournament.

After the Manila Spirits 2012 tournament, the RMIT Ultimate Frisbee club intends to host more mini-tournaments to boost the popularity of Ultimate Frisbee in the RMIT community as well as among young people in Ho Chi Minh City.