RMIT Vietnam NewsInternational Day 2015

International Day 2015

Friday, May 15, 2015 - 09:43
Bag jumping
Students enjoying cricket
Staff playing Suikawari

RMIT Vietnam’s International Day celebrates the University’s cultural diversity through activities, games and musical performances. 

Run by RMIT Vietnam’s Student Engagement Office, the event is an opportunity for staff as well as local and international students to join and celebrate the various cultures from around the world which form the diverse University community.

Fly Beyond the Boundaries, the central theme of this semester’s event, was visible throughout the decorations, clothing, cuisine and festivities at booths from Australia, France, Japan, Canada, Denmark, Netherlands, the United States and Vietnam.

A wide range of games were on offer such as cricket from Australia, Heads Up from the United States, hessian bag jumping from Vietnam, nail and bottle challenge called Spijkerpoepen from the Netherlands and hopscotch from France.

Bachelor of Commerce student Taro Ijima said the event gave him a space to showcase the traditions of his home country.

“My friends in Vietnam often think of anime, manga and traditional martial arts when I talk about Japan,” Taro said.

“That's why the Japanese Club, of which I’m a member, decided to bring traditional games such as the watermelon breaking game Suikawari and wooden toy activity Kenama to Internation Day, rather than Cosplay or a martial arts performance.”

Bachelor of Business (Economics and Finance) student Vo Ngoc Khanh Phuong said the day enabled cultural exchange as well as strengthened the bonds between local and international students.

“It’s great to expand our friendship circles, given we’re studying in an international environment,” Phuong said.

“International Day brings together local and international students at the event itself as well as in the discussion and organisation leading up to it.”