RMIT Vietnam NewsInformation systems experts join forces at VAIS launch ceremony

Information systems experts join forces at VAIS launch ceremony

Sunday, March 21, 2010 - 17:10
Dr. Mathews Nkhoma (left) talking to guests
Associate Associate Professor Dong Thi Bich Thuy, Head of the Department of Information Systems, University of Sciencepresenting

Vietnam enjoys huge potential for greater collaboration between industry and academic experts in the field of ‘information systems’ which can make businesses in Vietnam more efficient and profitable, experts said this week at a ceremony held at RMIT International University Vietnam.

Speaking at the establishment ceremony for the Vietnam Chapter of the Association for Information Systems, experts including Associate Professor Dong Thi Bich Thuy, Head of the Department of Information Systems, University of Science, Vietnam National University, HCMC, talked of the importance of Vietnam taking advantage of major opportunities for businesses to become more efficient and well organised through the use of modern information systems. 

This would enable companies to be better placed to stay profitable and competitive, they said.

The manager of RMIT Vietnam’s study program in Business Information Systems and VAIS President-Elect, Assistant Professor Mathews Nkhoma, said it was essential for people interested in this field to “collaborate and form coalitions” to support each others efforts across business and academia. The establishment of a Vietnam chapter of an international association of I.S. professionals was particularly important in this respect, he said.

“Collaboration and coalition are much needed for such a young industry like I.S. as there’s still a misunderstanding in Vietnam and elsewhere about what I.S. professionals and academics do. Playing a vital role in connecting business management and information technology, local I.S. specialists have yearned for a unified body that can represent them.” Dr Nkhoma said.

The ceremony on Saturday 17 March attracted more than 100 participants. They were industry leaders, academics from local universities, and RMIT staff and students

The first president of VAIS is Mr Nelson Leung, who lectures in RMIT Vietnam’s study program in Business Information Systems. According to Mr Leung, VAIS aims to advance the growth of expertise and research in this increasingly important field, promote a stronger identity for local experts, and build dialogue between them – as well as help prepare the next generation of I.S. professionals.

Too many Vietnamese enterprises still rely on old-fashioned paper systems of record keeping which cannot keep up with the fast-moving and complex demands of modern business, Mr Leung said.

“The demand for expert I.S. solutions from industries like manufacturing, tourism and construction and other fields is continuing to increase in Vietnam. We need to meet these demands better.”

RMIT Vietnam President Professor Merilyn Liddell said this week she was pleased to see a chapter of an international professional association of this kind in Vietnam “in this rapidly growing field”.

“We’re looking forward to seeing the contribution our Business Information Systems graduates will make to the I.S. industry and many others.”