RMIT Vietnam NewsIndustry leader inspires young marketers

Industry leader inspires young marketers

Friday, April 17, 2015 - 16:29
Mr Won is giving RMIT Vietnam student advice on how being human is important in marketing and business.
RMIT Vietnam Business club members and friends attend the talk show.

A successful marketer must stand out as an individual, according to one of the country’s leaders across the consumer and resources industries. 

In a talk show organised by RMIT Vietnam’s Business Club and the Young Marketers Connection, Mr Seokhee Won told students the person who succeeds in the marketing industry must have a point of difference.

Mr Won is the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of the Vietnam Masan Group, one of the largest private sector corporations in the country.

He shared with students that there is no specific formula for launching a successful marketing career.

“But to be a strong competitor in the market, it’s necessary to define what you can offer as an individual,” he said.

“Before starting your career in marketing, you should ask what distinguishes you from others in the industry?

“If your answer is your degree, diligence towards your work or your sharp wit, then you’re close.

“But it’s not enough in reality,” said Mr Won.  

“You need to think about what you can you do to build your own personal brand.”

To stand out in the industry, Mr Won said young marketers should focus on:

  • Passion: “You should have a hunger for learning from your experienced colleagues and a passion for applying what you have learned to your own work.”
  • Courage: “You have to be brave to follow your gut and speak your mind in work discussions. Don’t shy away from making mistakes because that is part of the path to success.”
  • Innovation: “You should never limit your creativity and imagination because your innovations may be the ones to wow consumers. However, it’s essential to ensure your unique selling proposition always stays relevant.”
  • Simplicity: “In marketing, the power of simplicity cannot be underestimated. Clients and consumers don’t know how different you are if you complicate yourself and your innovations. So keep everything simple.”

Mr Won told the students at the talk show that an outstanding individual should also be a team player.

“A close team, where members care and trust each other enough to allow challenges and difficult conversations, is able to make their work stand out from the crowd,” he said.