RMIT Vietnam NewsImmersed in Thai culture

Immersed in Thai culture

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 - 10:25
An assortment of Thai food.
Kim Cuong, President of IC (in blue dress) and the organising team.
Tattoo and accessories sales

A recent festival organised by RMIT Vietnam’s International Club offered students and staff an opportunity to be immersed in the diverse culture of Thailand.

The Thai Festival showcased the Thai culture by displaying popular fashions, accessories and cuisine.

The festival also hosted fun diversions such as tattoo booths.

Vu Hoang Kim Cuong, International Club President, explained why the festival was held.

“We wanted to show the multiculturalism of RMIT Vietnam; this festival was about giving students an overview of Thailand’s diverse culture,” Cuong said.

“It’s really helpful when they want to start up their own business and Thai people are their target audience.”

Thai Thi Quynh Thu, a first year International Business student and volunteer for the event, was pleased at the turnout.

“I am very happy because at least 200 guests acquired some interesting points about Thai culture,” Thu said.

The success of the event did not come easily, however.

According to Cuong, the event organisers had to overcome some early financial issues.

“Thanks to external sponsors, we were able to minimise the cost of organising the event.”

“The Tourism Authority of Thailand supplied us with decorations and traditional dresses, and the Golden Elephant Thai Restaurant offered a generous discount on catering,” Cuong added.

The festival also received help from International Club Advisor Mr. Adrian Wee, and from Thai lecturer Thanapat Kijbumrung.

The Thai Festival was the latest in a series of cultural events put on by the International Club; previous festivals highlighted India, France and Italy.

“If we have the opportunity, each semester we will run a different festival on different country,” Cuong said.