RMIT Vietnam NewsHow to succeed in business

How to succeed in business

Tuesday, April 2, 2013 - 12:19
Huy Anh at his office in Standard Chartered Bank

It has been a rapid rise for Ngo Huy Anh since graduating from RMIT Vietnam’s Hanoi campus and good communication skills has been the key.

A confident smile and a friendly open demeanour are the first things you notice about Ngo Huy Anh. After graduating from RMIT Vietnam's Bachelor of Commerce program in late 2010, Mr Huy Anh took a position in the trainee program at Standard Chartered Bank in January 2011. Within just 10 months, he was promoted to a leadership position in the bank's sales department. He is enthusiastic when it comes to sharing his story and giving advice to young students.

What does he see as the key to his success so far? "Communication skills," he responded. Mr Huy Anh said the presentation and writing skills acquired at RMIT Vietnam assisted him tremendously at work. Interestingly enough, it was a particular course that led him to this realisation.
"Business Communications was a valuable subject to me personally," he said. "It taught me the very basic principles of conducting business with people from various backgrounds, and that your attitude and etiquette sometimes mean more than your words." He advised future students to get the most out this course about the importance of communication, just as he did.

When asked what appealed to him most about RMIT Vietnam he quickly answered, "Its active environment." In addition to the international-standard education and quality facilities, the dynamic campus environment stood out as a major factor that convinced him to choose to study at RMIT Vietnam. Mr Huy Anh saw RMIT students as being very active and sociable, and coming from a regular high school he wanted to embark on a new vibrant experience at university. Looking back on his three years at RMIT Vietnam, he knows he made the right decision. Mr Huy Anh said he fondly remembers how challenging yet fulfilling his university life was.

Making life-long friendships are among his major achievements from university, he said. A naturally outgoing person, Mr. Huy Anh enjoyed making and developing friendships with many people from different backgrounds. He always treasured the time spent running projects or participating in clubs with his friends. He also connected with many lecturers as he was always an inquisitive student who aspired to take his learning experience beyond text books. "The lecturers' advice is still very useful and applicable when it comes to my work," he said. To this day Mr Huy Anh remains in close contact with most of his teachers, and some have now even become his clients.

His appreciation for RMIT Vietnam of course was not limited to the valuable relationships that he developed. Mr Huy Anh stressed how the well-organised program structure enabled him to establish a clear career path from the beginning. In addition, he said the practical academic curriculum equipped him with essential knowledge and skills in economics and finance. And lastly, he said RMIT Vietnam offered him opportunities to network with entrepreneurs and gain greater insights into the finance and banking industry.